Help Editor

Create help and user documentation for Visual Studio 2003 and 2005, Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access

Using the Help Editor

After the Help Generator created your help project and all HTML files you start authoring the help with the WYSIWYG Help editor, a complete HTML Help authoring tool. Help file editing is made specially easy: a double-click on the control you want to describe will instantly move you to its position in the HTML file.


  • HTML editor
  • Manage content tree (add, move, exclude nodes)
  • Manage help index
  • Drag and drop link insertion
  • Style sheets
  • Fast insertion of project’s images and pages
  • Global find and replace
  • Follow hyperlink / Back / Forward
  • HTML mode editing with preformatted HTML code for better readability
  • Broken links report
  • Spelling checker (requires Word to be installed)