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Create help and user documentation for Visual Studio 2003 and 2005, Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access

Help Generator, a new time-saving way to add help and documentation to your applications

At the end of software development projects we have to make help and documentation. But we don’t get the time to do this properly. The end user is waiting, last bugs need immediate fixing. That’s why we invented the Help Generator. The Help Generator scans the application and automatically generates HTML files, screenshots and other elements needed to make the help and documentation. You only have to add the text.

The Help Generator has four areas: the generator, the help editor, a screenshot tool and help and documentation compiler.

The Help Generator scans the application and automatically generates HTML files, screenshots and other elements needed to make the help. The generator starts with a wizard in which you specify look and feel of the help (css, images with hotspots, etcetera).

Next you will be adding your explanatory text to the generated pages using the Help Editor. The Help Editor shows the contents tree on the left and a HTML editor with the selected page on the right. You can add extra pages or reorganize the contents from the contents tree.

The screenshot tool is used to add extra images or replace the generated ones you are not satisfied with.

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Impress your customer with professional

  • HTML Help integrated with your application
  • Documentation in Word
  • Web based help

Check the quality of the generated output of the Microsoft® sample database: Northwind help and Northwind user documentation in Microsoft Word.


  • Generates a complete Help framework based on the application scan.
  • Automatically generates topic pages.
  • Generator wizard directly shows how the options you choose change the way your help pages will look (WYSIWYG).
  • Automatically links the help to your application by setting Help Project file and HelpContextIds to application.
  • Web based help
  • Lets you export the Help file as a well structured Word document to use as user or technical documentation.
  • Edit Help pages from the content tree with the built-in Help editor.
  • Creates Help Contents and Index with primary and secondary keywords.
  • Adds hot spots to the images to fast move to the control descriptions.
  • Picks up descriptions from the Description, Control Tips and Status bar properties.


Available for the platforms: Visual Studio 2003 & 2005, (VB.NET, C#, J#, ASP.NET) Microsoft Access and Visual Basic 6.0.

USD299 EUR249 GBP159 AUD399 CAD339

html help generator wizard
help editor


  • Northwind help (download)
  • Northwind user documentation in MS Word (download)
  • Web Based Help

New in Version 3

  • Visual Studio 2005 supported
  • Web based help
  • Support for ASP.NET
  • Generate new pages
  • Broken hyperlinks report
  • Follow hyperlink, backward / forward
  • Global find and replace
  • Managing index
  • HTML edit mode with formatted HTML for improved readability
  • Spelling checking
  • Support for language and charsets, including UTF-8